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Get Rewarded for shopping with us!

Earn £15 with just a few clicks

Simply create and account, sign in and you'll start collecting points every time you shop. The more you shop, the more points you'll earn – and you can spend them as you go, or save them up for later.

1. Join Now

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2. Collect Points

Every purchase earns you points that = money💸 off. You can spend them as you go, or save them up for later. With every £1 you spend, you'll earn 5 ooOh My points. Every 100 points earn you £1.

3. Spend points

You don’t have to wait for us to issue you a Reward, you can spend your points as soon as they are cleared. Check your available Rewards in your members area and spend them at checkout.

How it Works

Earn £10 with just a few clicks by becoming a ooOh My Rewards member. That's right! You'll receive exclusive discounts and perks that are only available to our members.

ooOh My Rewards

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You can also earn an additional £5 by referring your friends and family to us & they can also earn £5.

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